A Commitment to Discipleship

#1 I will be committed to faithfully and regularly attending the Sunday Worship services of FBC. Apart from emergencies or away vacation, I am going to demonstrate a heart’s desire to gather with God’s people to worship our Lord together as a local body every week

#2 I will be committed to serving at FBC in some regular and faithful ministry, seeking to express my spiritual giftedness for the glory of God as a servant of Christ – I will seek to be a MEMBER of FBC!

#3 I will be committed to showing and sharing the gospel as a representative of Christ and of FBC to the glory of God

#4 I will be committed to sacrificial giving to FBC, knowing exactly what percentage I give out of what God provides me, and giving it with joy to the work of Christ through this local body for His Glory

#5 I will be committed to caring for the downtrodden, representing the heart of Christ and as a witness to the world

#6 I will seek to follow the example of my leaders by His Spirit in this discipleship with all my heart for Christ’s Glory

#7 I will daily pursue praying for my spouse and children, for our church and its leaders and my D group members AND I will seek to contact or be contacted by each member of my d group for the purpose of Christ like growth

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About Chris Mueller

Chris is the teaching pastor at Faith Bible Church - Murrieta.