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Will The Real Phony Please Stand Out! (James)

By Chris Mueller | May 15, 2022

We wrap up our study of James with a helpful overview of most of the letter, filling in the gaps, tying it all together and making certain we highlight the most important point of the entire letter. You will love it as we study WILL THE REAL PHONY PLEASE STAND OUT, and it will be an incredible aid to you in order to reach the STRAY!

El Corazón de un Iíder Espiritual (Hechos 20:25-38)

By Chris Mueller | September 6, 2020

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Help for the Weak (James 5:13-18)

By Chris Mueller | May 1, 2022

James 5:13-18 talks about suffering and prayer, elders and anointing with oil, confess your sins, along with Elijah praying for drought and rain.

Living and Speaking Honest

By Chris Mueller | April 24, 2022

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The Beauty of Self Control

By Laura Hadley | April 23, 2022

“Believers are to submit to the will of God and walk in the Spirit; in the Bible “walk” is often a metaphor for practical daily living. The Christian life is a journey, and we are to walk it—we are to make consistent forward progress. To walk in the Spirit means that we yield to His control, we follow His lead, and we allow Him to exert His influence over us.”

The Certain Hope of Tomorrow (1 Corinthians 15:50-58)

By Chris Mueller | April 17, 2022

We celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the DEAD… we will live forever in glorified bodies in heavenly joy forever ALL because of what our LORD accomplished.

Good Friday

By John Pleasnick | April 15, 2022

Good Friday is Good, because the Father gave His son to bring us all to glory.

Let the WOMEN be WOMEN (Titus 2:6-8) 

By Chris Mueller | April 10, 2022

Let the Women be Women (Titus 2:4-5). All feminists hate this passage! Get ready to have your heart challenged – both men and women

Let the MEN be MEN (Titus 2:6-8) 

By Chris Mueller | April 3, 2022

To worship Christ, equip the saints, evangelize the lost and instruct from God’s Word God’s perfect design for Men and Women , Chris will preach a brief summary overview of Let the Men be Men Titus 2:6-8.

God’s Guide to Painful Waiting (James 5:7-11)

By Chris Mueller | March 27, 2022

This is one of THE MOST ENCOURAGING PASSAGES I have exposited from God’s Word; James 5:7-11. The treasure of this text is that it instructs all of us what to do when we experience the DARK DAYS of hardship, rejection, and PAINFUL WAITING.

When It’s Bad to be Rich (James 5:1-6)

By Chris Mueller | March 20, 2022

We have finally reached chapter 5 of James and it is a rich one. This week, we will expose the wicked wealthy, those church attenders who were oppressing poor believers and making life hard. The passage teaches us about who are the wealthy, what we should do with our money and so much more.

Kindness and Goodness

By Betsy Baird | March 19, 2022

Kindness is a heart attitude, a tender concern for others, created by the Holy Spirit. Goodness is kindness in action, empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Why Bad Things Happen to Good People  (Job 1-2)

By Alex Montoya | March 13, 2022

Pastor ALEX MONTOYA is joining us for both services (as he does every year In March) to exposit God’s Word

How Firm a Foundation (Psalm 19:7-11)

By jonelliff | March 6, 2022

Jon Elliff, pastor of Makakilo Baptist Church in Oahu, preaching on the Firm Foundation of God’s Word.