Priority of the Home – Part 2

#4 – Accept the heart of God for the woman in the home

  • 1st-Being a worker at home is not a gray area.
  • 2nd-Being a worker at home isn’t an obscure verse.
  • 3rd-The clear wording of “worker at home” sets a direction toward the home, not away from the home.
  • 4th-Both ‘worker at home’ and one who ‘keeps house’ have the word “house/dwelling” in them.
  • 5th-To make ‘worker at home’ optional requires you must make the rest of Titus 2:4-5 optional.
  • 6th-Women working outside the home have additional problems to deal with.
  • 7th-Being a worker at home highlights real life situations that are difficult or less than ideal.

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