Pursuing Purity – Part 2

Why is there so much sexual impurity today?

  • One reason is that there is pressure from the world, Satan and our own flesh.
  • Another reason for sexual impurity is that it is so deceptive

So, how does a Christian develop sexual purity? A list of rules cannot teach us not to sin, but God has designed a process to help us grow in purity.

  • First, seek Christ.
  • Second, purity is something Christ does within you.
  • Third, purity happens when you stay sensible.

What does this looks like in a practical sense?

  • Prepare for situations
  • Plan your environment
  • Pick the people
  • Ponder your appearance
  • Pounce on your thoughts
  • Paralyze your glances
  • Proceed cautiously
  • Pursue righteousness

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About Chris Mueller

Chris is the teaching pastor at Faith Bible Church - Murrieta.