Courageous Parenting (Deut 6)

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About Chris Hamilton

Chris Hamilton serves as the chairman of the elder board at Grace Community Church in Los Angeles. He and his wife Ann have been married 23 years and have three daughters, one married and two collegians. The Hamiltons have been teaching and discipling in the Grace Church high school ministry for many years. Chris also served as an elder at Grace Brethren Church in Simi Valley, California for nine years. In his spare time, Chris serves as a CPA and partner in a forensic accounting firm.

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  1. […] Raising children is a full time job. When they become teenagers, it means overtime! Our book of the month for July is going to help you know how to use that extra time effectively. Age of Opportunity by Paul David Tripp is a great way to follow up on the lessons learned from Chris Hamilton in his message on Courageous Parenting. […]