Sermons by Shannon Hurley

Shannon serves Uganda as a missionary, training pastors to understand and preach the Word of God.

Three Qualities of a Usable Servant Isaiah 66:1-2

June 9th, 2024 by

Jesus’ Shocking Demand (Shocking, part 5) (Matthew 6:19-24)

July 24th, 2022 by

Our Calling Costs (Matthew 5:10-16)

November 8th, 2020 by

Missions Night 2017

August 13th, 2017 by

Reconciliation – Part 2

June 9th, 2013 by

Bibliology: The Word of God

July 10th, 2011 by


August 8th, 2010 by

Living a Life of Faith, part 2 (Heb 12:1-3)

January 3rd, 2010 by

Living by Faith (Heb 11)

March 15th, 2009 by