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A Sovereign God And A Worry-Free Response

By Chris Mueller | March 22, 2020

Chris is teaching specifically from God’s Word on a Biblical response to a pandemic: What does God say about the Corona Virus? What does God’s Word teach on His involvement in a plague and how should believers and non-believers respond?

Lo Que Es Más Deseable En Un Hombre O Mujer (Proverbios 19:13, 22, Rut)

By Alex Montoya | March 8, 2020

¡Alex nos enseña a través del ministerio de BOAZ!

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Christ’s Heart on Evangelism (Luke 19:1-10)

By Eddie Roman | March 8, 2020

Guiding Unbelievers to the Savior,
takes us to Luke 19:1-10 to show us “The Heart of Christ on Evangelism!”

What Is Most Desirable In A Man Or Woman (Ruth, Proverbs 19:13, 22)

By Alex Montoya | March 8, 2020

Alex teaches us about the kinds of Boaz!

Lo Que Es Más Deseable En Un Hombre O Mujer (Proverbios 19:13, 22, Rut)

By Alex Montoya | March 8, 2020

¡Alex nos enseña a través del ministerio de BOAZ!

The Rich Young Ruler (Luke 18:18-30)

By Adam Tyson | March 1, 2020

We will see “The Heart of Christ on Gospel Conversations”, specifically looking at the conversation Jesus has with the Rich Young Ruler.

When God Won’t Listen

By John Pleasnick | March 1, 2020

Have you ever felt like God is not listening to your prayers? You talk and you try, but it just seems to go nowhere. Are you doing it wrong? What is going on? The Bible actually says God does not listen to every prayer that is offered. There are certain heart attitudes and decisions made that can make your prayer life a dead end.

Cuando Dios No Escuchará

By John Pleasnick | March 1, 2020

¿Alguna vez has sentido que Dios no está escuchando tus oraciones? Hablas e intentas, pero parece que no va a ninguna parte. ¿Lo estás haciendo mal? Que esta pasando? La Biblia en realidad dice que Dios no escucha todas las oraciones que se ofrecen. Hay ciertas actitudes y decisiones del corazón que pueden hacer que su vida de oración sea un callejón sin salida.

The Heart of Christ on Heaven

By John MacArthur | February 23, 2020

This we be an incredible night looking at the topic of our eternal home in Heaven

How Bad Are They? (2 Peter 2:10-11) part 1

By Chris Mueller | February 23, 2020

2 Peter 2 gives a description of the false teachers. It’s almost as if Peter were living today and describing some of the men and women we know who are manipulating scripture, maligning Christ, and mangling the church for their own purposes.

Qué Tan Malos Son? (2 Pedro 2: 10-11) Parte 1

By Chris Mueller | February 23, 2020

2 Pedro 2 da una descripción de los falsos maestros. Es casi como si Peter viviera hoy y describiera a algunos de los hombres y mujeres que conocemos que están manipulando las Escrituras, deshonrando a Cristo y destrozando la iglesia para sus propios fines.

Parenting without Fear

By Sharon Verougstraete | February 22, 2020

If you make parenting decisions based on the things you are afraid will happen, you are basically saying you do not trust in God’s sovereign control over every situation. Biblical hope is to look forward with confidence to that which is good and beneficial.

A Royal Pardon (Luke 23 33-38)

By Philip De Courcy | February 16, 2020

Pastor Philip will take us straight to the cross (Luke 23:33-38), looking at Christ’s heart of forgiveness in the face of His enemies. How do we live out forgiveness toward those who have opposed or even harmed us? Come learn from our Savior who was beaten, mocked, and murdered, and yet did not open His mouth, but instead willingly laid down His life for sinners!

Stop Judging Me (2 Peter 2:4-10a (part 3)

By Chris Mueller | February 16, 2020

Peter wants his believing readers to know that not only is judgment coming, but also that God Himself will protect his precious children in the midst of His judgment of the rebellious false teachers and immoral non-Christians around them. God always has His remnant, and His people will always know His grace, mercy, and love.