Christians Are Different P2  – Colossians 3:15-17 

By Shawn Farrell | May 26, 2024

we continue in Colossians 3:15–17 as we consider Part 2 on how Christians Are Different. In a world filled with anger and war, Christians are controlled by peace as we follow the Prince of Peace. In a discontent, ungrateful, and never-satisfied culture, Christians are marked by thankfulness! Believers stand out as different from the world when the word of Christ lives deep in our hearts and drives everything we do, say, and think.

Nunca Vayas Allí Otra Vez  (Gálatas 5:1-6)

By Chris Mueller | February 12, 2023

El desafío de Paul de NUNCA VOLVER A IR ALLÍ. No abrace las obras, la ley, la tradición, la ceremonia como un camino de salvación, confíe solo en Cristo por Gracia a través de la Fe. Mantente libre, nunca vuelvas a la esclavitud. Pablo es IMPRESIONANTE en estos versículos y dice cosas a las que incluso los cristianos sólidos reaccionan. Habla de los que se alejan de Cristo, de los que deciden salvarse a su manera. SIN EMBARGO TAMBIÉN celebra la singularidad de la vida en el Espíritu, donde confiamos en Cristo y vivimos una vida de amor por las obras.

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The Cosmic Victory Proclamation Ephesians 3:7-10

By Cory Cramer | October 8, 2023

Cory Cramer opens God’s Word with you in Ephesians 3:7-10.

Dying to Self – A Balanced Life

By jenniferstout | October 7, 2023

Balance is impossible without Christ as our Savior.  We can only find balance as we meditate on who He is and what He has done for us in the gospel.

Living with Balance 

By Beth Pleasnick | September 16, 2023

People make time for what is a priority for them. Godly women become godly by persevering in difficult situations making them beautiful instead of bitter.

What Keeps The Church Afloat

By Chris Mueller | August 20, 2023

What keeps the church afloat? We live in dangerous waters and for many, the local church is a leaky boat. Churches continue to compromise convictions and some have ceased being churches at all, though they keep the name. What commitments do we uphold to not only stay afloat, but to thrive during these dangerous times? Yes, we follow our great Captain, the head of our church – but how? And how do we glorify the Father by reaching the lost and equipping the saints?

Embrace the Tension Romans 13:11-14 

By Shawn Farrell | August 13, 2023

Today we will study Romans 13:12-14. This passage tells us we are in a battle. We are ready to point our guns toward our government, or our media, or the culture around us, but the enemy is not somewhere out there; the enemy is within each of us. Our flesh desires to go back to its old ways, and sometimes we find ourselves slipping back into our pre-Christ struggles. But this passage is a call to take up arms!

Take Risks for the Glory of the King (Esther 4:13-16)

By Patrick Levis | August 6, 2023

the Book of Esther. We step into the timeline of Redemptive History within 100 years of the silent period that separates the OT from the NT; Israelites are under Persian rule and facing impending destruction, yet God once again shows Himself faithful to preserve His people and He uses a young, beautiful woman who risks it all for His glory!

Will You Surpass Jonah? (Jonah 4)

By John Pleasnick | July 30, 2023

As we open the book of Jonah this week, we are going to see a man who was decidedly unhappy with the paths God had him walking in. The book – while familiar – has some important truths that many people read right over. But we will see God’s mercies and your own grumblings in a new way.

Isaiah’s Vision (Isaiah 6:1-8) 

By Shawn Farrell | July 23, 2023

Our “Journey Thru the OT” stays in the time period of the prophets; Shawn Farrell will preach from Isaiah 6, the glorious throne room vision of Christ! It was a needed reminder of the glory of God to the people of Israel in exile, and it will be a massive encouragement for us this Sunday to behold our “holy, holy, holy” King!

How To Escape Depression (1 Kings 19)

By Chris Mueller | July 16, 2023

After the 120-year long Monarchy and the split of the Kingdom in 931 BC. The Northern Kingdom was mixing biblical truth with error and actually moving away from the TRUTH that there is only ONE GOD. Baal worship was on the rise, and God used His prophets to keep His remnant faithful to the ONE true God and His Word. Elijah is an amazing man of God and holds a showdown between the prophets of Baal and the one prophet of God. God wins a great victory, but after this incredible victory and emotional high, Elijah, falls into a deep, low, crushing depression. As he does, God helps us understand what to do when we battle with our emotions and struggle with depression.

An Atheistic World – Psalm 14

By Jesse Bocanegra | July 10, 2023

Do you believe there is a God? Sadly, the majority of the population walk on the broad way and choose to deny the existence of God. Some even call themselves “atheists” – which, by the way, does not truly exist. Everyone knows there is a God (Romans 1), they just choose to deny, ignore, and reject Him.
This Sunday, Jesse Bocanegra will walk us through Psalm 14 and describe to us the folly and wickedness of men. We will see the Fool’s Perspective, the Lord’s Perspective, and the Hopeful Perspective. This will be a helpful Sunday that will prompt us to evaluate our own lives and how we should respond to those who deny the existence of God.

God’s choices are better than our choices (1 Samuel 16:1-7)

By Nigel Shailer | July 4, 2023

This coming Sunday, I am excited to preach. It’s the next sermon in our journey through the Old Testament. Read ahead and get yourself ready in 1 Samuel 16. What an incredible story and essential piece of God’s plan for His people.
Let me ask you a question . . . Do you trust God’s choices? Really? Most Christians usually answer, “Yes, of course.” But consider the question more carefully. Can you identify any areas of your life where you struggle to trust God sometimes? List them down, and come ready on Sunday to see how God will give you extra motivation to grow in your faith and really believe “God’s choices are better than our choices.” Can you tell I’m excited?

Truth for When the Future Looks Tough Deuteronomy 4:32-40

By John Pleasnick | June 18, 2023

This Sunday, we move the story of the Old Testament forward to the day when Israel is on the very edge of the Promised Land. Their wanderings were at an end, the land lays ahead and God had sustained them for 40 years in the wilderness. Moses now gives the nation a final charge before they march in to conquer. What would you say to a nation that’s prone to grumbling, doubt and wandering? What he tells them is a truth you need to remember as well.