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Real Repentance

Real Repentance – 2 Corinthians 7:9-11

By Morgan Maitland | November 11, 2018

Repent and return to real repentance! We will look at this essential doctrine of repentance. What does it mean? Is it really necessary? What does it look like? I’ve already repented, so do I need to keep doing it? How do I know if my repentance is real? This is a challenging message, but the result if applied, is so sweet in the life of a Christ follower.

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The Future 102

By Nigel Shailer | November 11, 2018

“What do people believe about the future? What do other religions teach about the end? What makes the Bible any different? And why should we trust it over all the other religious views on the end times? Nigel Shailer will answer all these questions this Sunday Night. Come and gain massive confidence on why you can trust the Bible’s teaching on how things end for the human race on earth.”

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2 Timothy - Combat Guide

The Focus of Genuine Friendship (2 Timothy 1:3-5)

By Chris Mueller | July 8, 2018

In 2 Timothy chapter 1, verses 3 to 5, Paul enriches us with an intimate example of solid friendship. If you have ever struggled in marriage, battled with family, wrestled with friends, or have been overwhelmed in relationships, this sermon is for you.

2 Timothy - Combat Guide

Truth Trumps Relationship, and other greetings (2 Timothy 1:1-2)

By Chris Mueller | July 1, 2018

You would not believe the truth, the love and the Gospel saturating the first two verses of 2 Timothy, as we introduce this very intimate and vital New Testament letter. Get ready to hear the Gospel, be informed, learn some theology and be transformed.

The Shepherd Psalm (Psalm 23)

By Patrick Cho | June 25, 2018

Like a good shepherd cares for his sheep, so the Lord cares for His people. Because of who God is, we can look to Him to be our help.

Let’s Go!!!! (Psalm 103)

By Shawn Farrell | June 17, 2018

Psalm 103 reminds us that our life is to be marked by the worship of God. As we reflect upon His amazing love and His grace toward undeserving sinners, we are called to turn our affections toward Him and lift up His name in praise.

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures (Psalm 34)

By Morgan Maitland | June 10, 2018

Taste and see that the Lord is good.

God’s Purpose in Redemption (Psalm 117)

By Jon Stead | June 3, 2018

The unchanging lovingkindenss of our God and the unfailing, everlasting truth of His Word.

Pursuing Purity in an Impure World (Psalm 119:9-16)

By Scott Ardavanis | May 27, 2018

In an impure world, how does a believer overcome the pollution and live a holy life? In God’s Word, we find the path to personal purity.

Only God is Great (Psalm 8)

By Chris Mueller | May 20, 2018

Psalm 8 will expose the truth of the impact of living a life where only God is great.

“How to Hurt” (Psalm 42)

By Patrick Levis | May 14, 2018

Psalm 42 is an incredible help to the hurting soul. The psalmist, in this instructive psalm of lament, gives us an honest picture of HOW TO HURT, how to suffer and how to do it in a way that honors the God who has given us every reason to hope!

The Invincible Weapon: The Priority and Power of the Word (Hebrews 4:12-13)

By Steve Lawson | May 7, 2018

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A Legacy of Praise (Psalm 145)

By Robert Dodson | April 29, 2018

This is the final psalm attributed to David. It is the last of the alphabetic (acrostic) Psalms in which each verse begins with consecutive letters of the Hebrew alphabet. One man said, “The psalm offers praise from A to Z to God described from A to Z.”

Listen to Wise Counsel (Proverbs)

By Nigel Shailer | April 23, 2018

We learn from Proverbs what it means to listen to wise counsel.