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How To Grow A Church (Acts 5)

By Nigel Shailer | July 12, 2020

Nigel will be expositing Acts 5 on the account of Ananias and Sapphira, who lied to the Holy Spirit. God’s judgment of them set the tone for the church and provided the right foundation for massive church growth.

Desarrollando un Corazón para Dios (1 Samuel)

By Chris Mueller | June 7, 2020

David era conocido como un hombre según el corazón de Dios. Dios no está preocupado por nuestras circunstancias tanto como nuestra respuesta del corazón a las circunstancias. Necesitamos permanecer fuertes de corazón durante estos días cuando nuestros corazones pueden fallar, derretirse o desmoronarse.

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He Alone Is Worthy (Revelation 5)

By Shawn Farrell | March 29, 2020

Revelation 5 takes us right into heaven where we see Jesus revealed as both the Lion and Lamb. We will go with the Apostle John and see that Jesus alone is worthy of our worship and praise. Let’s go to heave together.

A Sovereign God And A Worry-Free Response

By Chris Mueller | March 22, 2020

Chris is teaching specifically from God’s Word on a Biblical response to a pandemic: What does God say about the Corona Virus? What does God’s Word teach on His involvement in a plague and how should believers and non-believers respond?

Un Dios Soberano y Una Respuesta Sin Preocupaciones

By Chris Mueller | March 22, 2020

Chris está enseñando específicamente de la Palabra de Dios sobre una respuesta bíblica a una pandemia: ¿Qué dice Dios sobre el Virus Corona? ¿Qué enseña la Palabra de Dios sobre su participación en una plaga y cómo deberían responder los creyentes y los no creyentes?

God Is Not Safe (Isaiah 40)

By Chris Mueller | March 15, 2020

Isaiah 40 is a life changing look at the character of God that I have titled, God is Not Safe. If you want to learn how to trust, grow deep in your walk with Christ, overcome some doubt, not live by fear, and truly live above your circumstances then you MUST listen.

Dios no Es Seguro (Isaías 40)

By Chris Mueller | March 15, 2020

Isaías 40 es una mirada que cambia la vida del carácter de Dios que he titulado, Dios no es seguro. Si quieres aprender a confiar, profundizar en tu caminar con Cristo, superar algunas dudas, no vivir por miedo y vivir verdaderamente por encima de tus circunstancias, entonces DEBES escuchar.

Christ’s Heart on Evangelism (Luke 19:1-10)

By Eddie Roman | March 8, 2020

Guiding Unbelievers to the Savior,
takes us to Luke 19:1-10 to show us “The Heart of Christ on Evangelism!”

What Is Most Desirable In A Man Or Woman (Ruth, Proverbs 19:13, 22)

By Alex Montoya | March 8, 2020

Alex teaches us about the kinds of Boaz!

Lo Que Es Más Deseable En Un Hombre O Mujer (Proverbios 19:13, 22, Rut)

By Alex Montoya | March 8, 2020

¡Alex nos enseña a través del ministerio de BOAZ!

The Rich Young Ruler (Luke 18:18-30)

By Adam Tyson | March 1, 2020

We will see “The Heart of Christ on Gospel Conversations”, specifically looking at the conversation Jesus has with the Rich Young Ruler.

When God Won’t Listen

By John Pleasnick | March 1, 2020

Have you ever felt like God is not listening to your prayers? You talk and you try, but it just seems to go nowhere. Are you doing it wrong? What is going on? The Bible actually says God does not listen to every prayer that is offered. There are certain heart attitudes and decisions made that can make your prayer life a dead end.

Cuando Dios No Escuchará

By John Pleasnick | March 1, 2020

¿Alguna vez has sentido que Dios no está escuchando tus oraciones? Hablas e intentas, pero parece que no va a ninguna parte. ¿Lo estás haciendo mal? Que esta pasando? La Biblia en realidad dice que Dios no escucha todas las oraciones que se ofrecen. Hay ciertas actitudes y decisiones del corazón que pueden hacer que su vida de oración sea un callejón sin salida.

The Heart of Christ on Heaven

By John MacArthur | February 23, 2020

This we be an incredible night looking at the topic of our eternal home in Heaven