Tests: Assurance of Salvation
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A Church Worth Imitating (Acts 11:19-14:28)

By John Pleasnick | August 2, 2020

Our passage this Sunday mirrors our own experience. Acts 13 describes the church in Antioch sending out some of their best for the sake of the Gospel, so that Christ would be more broadly known. This Sunday, we follow in their steps. We experience the cost and the reward.

Tres Cambios Dramáticos que te Afectan (Hechos 2)

By Chris Mueller | June 28, 2020

Este domingo, sentiremos que la iglesia primitiva se reúne y, como lo diría la providencia, estamos exponiendo a través de Hechos 2 y descubriendo TRES CAMBIOS DRAMÁTICOS QUE LO AFECTAN.

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The Diagnosis and Cure for Anxiety (Matthew 6:19-34)

By Morgan Maitland | February 9, 2020

looking at Christ’s HEART toward it through His words in Matthew 6. With a culture plagued by fear and anxiety, what comfort, help, and exhortation would Jesus give us to understand and deal with this issue more biblically?

Stop Judging Me (2 Peter 2:4-10a (part 2)

By Chris Mueller | February 9, 2020

In 2 Peter we study the seriousness of judgment and the desperate need for salvation, which are highlighted as we see two more manifestations of God’s wrath. Our world has softened God and sought to blur our understanding of who He really is by removing judgment, denying wrath, and ignoring His justice. Peter brings a proper view of the one true God right back into focus.

Deja De Juzgarme ( 2 Pedro 2: 4-10a) (parte 2)

By Chris Mueller | February 9, 2020

En 2 Pedro estudiamos la seriedad del juicio y la necesidad desesperada de salvación, que se destacan cuando vemos dos manifestaciones más de la ira de Dios. Nuestro mundo ha ablandado a Dios y ha tratado de desdibujar nuestra comprensión de quién es Él realmente al eliminar el juicio, negar la ira e ignorar su justicia. Peter vuelve a enfocar una visión adecuada del único Dios verdadero.

The Tools of Discipline

By Tracy Dodson | February 8, 2020

Discipline is a tool of training. Training is the most important thing you do as a mom. It is a privilege we have to train our kids to deny themselves and follow Jesus.

Christ’s Heart on Preferences (Matthew 7:1-6)

By John Pleasnick | February 2, 2020

Don’t miss out on the chance to hear Jesus’ perspective on this sometimes sticky subject!

Stop Judging Me 2 Peter 2:4-10a (part 1)

By Chris Mueller | February 2, 2020

Peter gives his readers three examples of judgment from the PAST to prove that judgment will be certainly coming to the false teachers in the FUTURE. Peter describes God’s judgment of His own special servants: HIS ANGELS. Fallen angels attacked, sought to corrupt, and went beyond the barriers God set for them. Because of these things, they were dramatically judged by God in the past as proof that He will judge evil false teachers in the future.

Deja De Juzgarme ( 2 Pedro 2: 4-10a) (parte 1)

By Chris Mueller | February 2, 2020

Pedro les da a sus lectores tres ejemplos de juicio del PASADO para demostrar que el juicio ciertamente llegará a los falsos maestros en el FUTURO. Pedro describe el juicio de Dios sobre sus propios siervos especiales: SUS ÁNGELES. Los ángeles caídos atacaron, intentaron corromper y fueron más allá de las barreras que Dios les impuso. Debido a estas cosas, fueron juzgados dramáticamente por Dios en el pasado como prueba de que juzgará a los malos falsos maestros en el futuro.

The Importance of Children (Mark 10:13-16)

By Chris Mueller | January 26, 2020

We’ll see in Mark 10:13-16 the very special place that children have in God’s plan. What did Jesus think about those little ones being brought to Him to bless? What ways can adults learn about our relationship to God from the heart of a child? What hope does the Bible give us for the eternal safety of those who die as infants or young children?

‘Churchy’ Bad Guys (2 Peter 2:2-3) part 2

By Chris Mueller | January 26, 2020

Peter continues to describe the churchy bad guys who are attacking the churches with their deceptive lies. God exposes the motives that DRIVE these likeable ‘so-called phony Christian teachers.’

Chicos Malos “De Iglesia” (2 Pedro 2:2-3) parte 2

By Chris Mueller | January 26, 2020

Peter continúa describiendo a los malos de la iglesia que están atacando a las iglesias con sus mentiras engañosas. Dios expone los motivos que CONDUCEN a estos simpáticos “supuestos falsos maestros cristianos”.

‘Churchy’ Bad Guys (part 1) ( 2 Peter 2:1)

By Chris Mueller | January 19, 2020

2 Peter 2:1 introduces you to the FALSE TEACHERS who were among the churches of the first century. Peter wants his first century readers to know what these CHURCHY BAD GUYS look like, what they want, and what they will do if you believers are not ON DUTY.

Chicos Malos “De Iglesia” (2 Pedro 2: 1) , parte 1

By Chris Mueller | January 19, 2020

2 Pedro 2: 1 te presenta a los FALSOS MAESTROS que estaban entre las iglesias del primer siglo. Peter quiere que sus lectores del primer siglo sepan cómo son estos CHURCHY BAD GUYS, qué quieren y qué harán si ustedes, los creyentes, no están EN SERVICIO.