1. Neil Berry on October 28, 2021 at 12:29 pm

    Chris, I liked your message on the Incredible Kingdom of Christ. But you did not incorporate the Kingdom Message into the future of mankind in this message of yours on Heaven. This adds confusion to believers and potential believers that are trying to understand the Bible message. The Kingdom of Heaven is not the same as the Kingdom of God. Heaven was not created for man. Earth was created for man. At most heaven will be my temporary home until all things are brought under Christ and the rule of earth is brought under the will of Heaven. This is the Kingdom of Heaven. Your Kingdom come your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Christ came preaching the message of a literal, physical earthly Kingdom of Heaven ruled on earth from Jerusalem by men following the will of God. He also preached on the separate spiritual Kingdom of God and the requirements for citizenship in either kingdom. As believer of the Gospel of Christ I am seen by God as a reborn citizen In the spiritual Kingdom of God. My belief accounted to me as righteousness by faith. Dead, buried, resurrected and reigning with Christ as explained in Romans even though I can’t see it with my eyes yet. The physical Kingdom of Heaven does not exist at this time but was offered by Christ and will come. Resurrected Saints, natural bodied Jews and Gentiles that avoided the Mark of the Beast and follow the will of God will be part of the physical earthly Kingdom of Heaven for 1000 years. After that a new age, earth and Kingdom.
    I thank God that these truths can be revealed to a simple man like me.

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